The man thumbed the changing wood panels of the table, causing the candle to shake slightly. Light bounced from place to place to in the bar from the rocking candle, while hushed voiced made declarations and schemes.

"Come clean Mochri, we might all be in calmer spirits, but our focus has only improved. We saw you."

Mochri's finger began to angril scratch into the wood.

"No point in even trying to keep this a secret. I have no idea why you'd even try to hide something like this."

Mochri lifted a hand and ran a finger along the edge of a wine glass and draw his finger along the meniscus of the red fluid inside. "I want to be a knife that heals."


"My teacher told me that we're all tied together, and that when the ropes bind up they fray and weaken. The whole knot gets weaker when the strands fray against each other, and sometimes the only way to stop ropes from fraying is to cut one. But the cutting isn't the goal. The knot is the goal."

"Mochri, you can't talk in riddles like this, it's not like you've found enlightenment. We're in a shitty bar."

With a sigh Mochri drank some of his wine before spluttering, "I just never know if I'm cutting the right string."

"They were a demon Mochri, they were going to kill us."

The pub door slams open as Blues push into the bar. Frigid air blows the candles out at the tables closest to the entrance. Dark sequesters the dim lighting of merryment, while concern robs the well-lit atmosphere of its charm. Disquiet fills a room with quiet before a Blue with a particularly shiny badge yells, "Colanthie's child was killed tonight," a murmur, "blood stains mark a trail to this bar. Nobody in/out until we've had our say."

Mochri scratched the wood again, while Dogo thumbed the pistol on their person.